Build streamlined products

Using the latest technology

With rising leaders



Building applications is complicated. Tanduo realizes this and finds that through strong partnership and proven leadership we can build quality applications with our clients that utilize the latest digital technologies and agile processes.


Many development companies you will find will take your requirements and build you just what you ask for. Here at Tanduo we take a unique approach to partner on projects with companies to maximize their technology spend through delivering the minimum number of features possible to achieve your goal. In doing this we help companies spend just what they need to on projects and refocus on the next priority.


We believe that developers can become business leaders. What stands out the most is our blend of proven technical leadership and up and coming leaders. Our ability to give our employees varying projects, industries, technologies and involved coaching allows us to grow the future talent in our community.


Our Tanduo team works with a wide variety of organizations across many different sectors to partner, provide thought leadership and project capacity to adapt to changing technology needs in a rapidly changing technology world.

We bring insights, ideas, methodologies, and experience to create success for our customers.

Application & Web Development

Application Modernization

Leadership Consulting

DevOps Consulting


Our Partners have over a decade of experience leading change, building products, growing talent and scaling teams in small and large enterprises. We have experience partnering and managing resources from staffing agencies to add capacity to meet project spend. Throughout that experience relationships have been built across the Wisconsin IT industry. We have experience in many roles across Transportation, Insurance, Financial, Manufacturing and small business across Northeast Wisconsin.

Our strengths in leadership allow us to elevate other team members and create strong, effective teams. We are natural problem solvers and focus on building streamlined processes to increase efficiency and quality. The optimism and energy we bring has always made us catalysts for change and continuous improvement. Our enthusiasm draws others to want to collaborate with us.

Our vision for Tanduo is to build a strong brand known for giving back to the community in Northeast Wisconsin. To succeed in this, we want to grow the best local talent to become leaders in technology in the communities they serve. We also want to be involved in giving back through community service and startup advisement. We look forward to the opportunity to share in your success.

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