Strategic Technology Leadership Consulting

Organization Stabilization & Scaling

  • Fractional CTO / CIO
  • Organization Performance Visibility
  • Vendor & Technology Scaling

Flywheel Concept

In order to stabilize or scale any organization we much achieve balance across people, process and technology. Then continuously improve.

A flywheel is often a good reference, as the first turn of a flywheel is the hardest, then the next is still hard but a little easier, then over time each push is easier and easier as you gain momentum.

Stabilization and Scaling are all about turning that flywheel into a systematic approach.

"Slow is smooth, smooth is fast", Navy SEALs

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Push for Excellence

Our culture is centered around a core growth mindset that we will always be pushing ourselves and our clients to be better.

Transformation is often the result of that push and growth mindset.

We find that new clients come to us to help leads these transformation efforts and with existing clients we work together to build towards these transformations.

Transformation Leadership

  • Project to Product
  • Change Management
  • Transformation Mindsets
    • Enablement Mindset
    • Delivery Mindset
    • MVP Mindset

Professional Coaching

  • Leadership Development Program
    • 1:1 Coaching
    • Career Planning
  • Mastermind Sessions
  • Talent Management Resources
    • Re-usable Exercises
    • Re-usable Frameworks

Leadership Development Program

We offer a range of Professional Coaching options built on top of our Leadership Development Program that we use to fuel our employees growth.

Our Leadership Development Program, is a personalized experience where you work closely with a Tanduo Coach to get the most out of your career and life!

We also offer our Professional Coaching clients access to many re-usable resources we've developed as we've built up our Leadership Development Program.

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