Working At Tanduo

Why Tanduo?

Being part of our organization isn't just about work but also about leadership and empowerment. Here at Tanduo, you won't just grow in your career; you’ll also cultivate the skills to become an IT leader, making a real impact on others. For us, teamwork isn't just a buzzword; it's how we operate, collaborating towards common goals and delivering results as a cohesive unit. If you're ready to join a community of growth-oriented individuals and take your career to the next level, Tanduo might just be the perfect fit for you.

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Core Values

Grow Together

Invest in yourself and others
Sharing knowledge helps us develop and grow together
We succeed and fail together

Be Transparent

Transparency and honesty are vital to quality decision making and success as individuals and as a team
Facts, not feelings

Take Ownership

Leaders take ownership
Leaders don’t make excuses
Leaders don’t blame others

Feedback Fuels Growth

Delivering and receiving feedback isn’t always easy or comfortable, but we should both give and receive it with love and compassion

Be Direct

Communicate often and early
Be the buffalo and face the storm head on
Foster a culture of trust

Embrace Experiences

Embrace the journey
Every experience is a chance for growth Growth comes from how you respond

Team Based Model

Collaborate, learn, and grow together in our development teams. Tanduo sells teams, not individuals, to our clients. Do you enjoy working with growth-oriented individuals all working towards a common goal? A Tanduo team might be for you.

Opportunities for Advancement

We firmly believe that chasing experiences and getting the most out of them is the fastest path to growth. Because of that, we don’t gatekeep advancement behind a certain number of years of experience. We cultivate an opportunity environment; you must seize it and learn from it. Ultimately your advancement at Tanduo is up to your mindset and how you tackle problems.

Remote Work Done Differently

We are a remote workforce that gets together in person for some fun a few times a year. We value the benefits of working from home as much as we value peer to peer collaboration. Our teams are present on Microsoft teams' channels throughout their workday to get help on their work, offer help to others, or even just chat about life. We are on camera all the time and collaborate constantly.

Our Recruiting Process



Hop into a teams call with folks from our Talent Acquisition team. We will spend some time getting to know you, inform you about Tanduo/our open position, and get a feel if we will be a fit for you.



We have a multiple interview process. Our first interview includes people that would be your peers at work, our second interview is with one of our coaches and one of our mentors.

Follow Up


If we determine that you are a fit for our company culture and would thrive in the position, we will reach out with our decision and welcome you aboard!

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